Places to Visit

Kalamata beach

The Kalamata beach starts within walking distance from the city center and spreads across several kilometers. The water is Blue Flag certified clean, and there are umbrellas installed from the local coffee shops and restaurants. Typically, buying a coffee allows one to use an umbrella for free.

Ancient Messene

Ancient Messene - 50 mins drive from Kalamata is the site of Ancient Messene, whose ancient theater has been recently restored and host cultural events.

Church of Agioi Apostoloi

This old byzantine church, located at the old town of Kalamata, is where the Greeks took the oath of loyalty to the revolution from the Ottomans in 1821. A visit to this place will give you the feeling of how Kalamata was a hundred years ago. There you can also find many ‘old-style market’ shops.

Ypapanti Church

The Cathedral of Kalamata, one of the largest churches in Messenia, is considered as the protector of the city. Built in a traditional Byzantine style, it houses an ancient and sacred icon of Holy Mary (Panagia). The church is at the center of the historic part of the city, right below the Castle.

Museum of Traditional Greek Costume

This cultural gem narrates the history of local folk dress from the mid-18th to early-20th century, combining modern stage design and an exemplary use of sound and light.

Suggested trips that would require half a day or more


On the southeast Messenia, at the first leg of the Peloponnese peninsula, there is a picturesque little town, Methoni, overlooking the Ionian Sea. The castle of Methoni, among the largest ones in the Mediterranean, was built by the Venetians in the early 13th century on a rocky promontory.


The castle of Koroni is one of the finest examples of the Venetian fortress architecture. Amongst the few of its kind to accommodate houses and churches, the castle of Koroni dominates Akritas cape, on the southern edge of the Messenian Gulf.


Pylos, also known as Navarino, is a town with long history, having been inhabited since Neolithic times. It was a significant kingdom in Mycenaean Greece, with remains of the so-called “Palace of Nestor” excavated nearby, named after Nestor, the king of Pylos in Homer's Iliad.


Mani is a geographical area renowned for its history, people and unique landscape. The capital city of Mani is Areopoli. Mani is the middle of three peninsulas that extend southwards from the Peloponnese; to the east is the Laconian Gulf, to the west the Messenian Gulf.



In western Peloponnese, in the “Valley of Gods”, lies the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece, and the birthplace of the most important athletic meeting of all times, the Olympic Games. Olympia is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Greece, and one of the most powerful brand names worldwide. The Olympia museum features ancient Greek statues of stunning beauty.


Sparta is located to the east of Kalamata, in about one hour driving distance. It is surrounded by mounts Taygetos and Parnon. Broad streets full of trees, large squares, neoclassical buildings and nice hotels, scented by the olive, orange and lemon trees of the nearby valley of the Eurotas River: this is the Sparta of Leonidas and his 300! The road to Sparta goes through the breath-taking terrain of mountain Taygetos (elevation of 2400 m).