Exhibition / Demos

SPAWC 2018 will feature a conference exhibition, consisting of a number of wireless testbed-based demos. The demos are contributed by academic / industrial research teams and are intended to showcase some advanced / emerging wireless technologies and components related to the workshop's themes.

The presented demos are listed below, as well as in the Technical Program:

Demo 1

Title: SDR Implementation of Narrow-Band Interference Mitigation in Wide-band OFDM Systems
Contributors: Sumit Kumar and Florian Kaltenberger (Eurecom, France)

Demo 2

Title: PHY Based Jamming Attacks and Countermeasure: An Observation via Real-Time Test System
Contributors: Mehmet Akif Durmaz, Hakan Alakoca, Selen Gecgel, Ozan Alp Topal, Nikolay Zhmurov, Gunes Karabulut Kurt (Istanbul Technical University) and Cem Ayyildiz (Turkcell)

Demo 3

Title: Microwatt Batteryless Backscatter Sensor Networks
Contributors: Georgios Vougioukas, Panos N. Alevizos and Aggelos Bletsas (Technical University of Crete)

Demo 4

Title: Demonstration of Real Time Bandwidth Compressed Signal Transmission at 2.4 GHz using Software Defined Radio (SDR)
Contributors: Tongyang Xu, Hedaia Ghannam, Waseem Ozan and Izzat Darwazeh (University College London)

Demo 5

Title: Beamforming with Hybrid Multi-Active / Multi-Passive Antenna Arrays
Contributors: Dimitrios Ntaikos, George Papageorgiou, Konstantinos Ntougias, Foteini Verdou and Constantinos B. Papadias (Athens Information Technology)